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EuroGreyline Polypropylene Single Wall

The EuroGreyline family of polypropylenes includes both homopolymer and copolymer resins. AlphaPlus is a homopolymer polypropylene that offers a wide range of piping possibilities. The AlphaPlus blend of polypropylene combines the advantages found in other various types of polypropylene giving it characteristics that are superior to standard homopolymers. These advantages include: increased impact strength, smoother bore, improved chemical resistance, stable molecular structure, lower friction loss and considerable heat resistance. Single wall piping systems offered in AlphaPlus are available in Powerfusion Electrofusion through 24", in butt fusion sizes up to 40" diameters, and in socket fusion systems up to 4". The system is offered in three primary wall thicknesses, in SDRs 11 (150 psi), 17.6 (90 psi) and 33 (45 psi). For applications requiring higher impact resistance or flame retardant ratings, or plumbing code listing, a copolymer polypropylene is also available in sizes through 16" diameter in both pipe and fittings.

FluoroStar Kynar® PVDF and VF2-HFP Copolymer Single Wall

Our FluoroStar family of fluoropolymer resins are used extensively in the biopharmaceutical industries, high purity semiconductor industries, pulp and paper industries, water treatment, nuclear waste processing and for general chemical processing. Kynar® PVDF and Kynar® Flex VF2-HFP copolymers also meet specifications for the food and pharmaceutical processing industries. PVDF material is a strong, impact resistant material with excellent chemical resistance. Kynar® PVDF is a fire resistant fluoropolymer which meets the requirements of FM 4910 for clean room applications. Certain grades can also meet the requirements of UL 723 (ASTM E84) for flame spread and smoke development and therefore is suitable for use in return air plenums. Our single wall PVDF piping system, in sizes up to 12", is made in 230 psi and 150 psi classes in a full range of pipe, fittings and valves. This system is available in butt fusion, socket fusion and Powerfusion electrofusion though 4".

EuroGreyline Polypropylene Single Wall
Fluorostar Kynar PVDF and VF2-HFP Copolymer Single Wall

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